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3 years ago

AIX Monitoring


I was wondering if any members of the community have experience with setting up AIX monitoring within LogicMonitor?

We have attempted to set it up but are having issues.  We are getting basic stats, Host status, Ping and port 25 response time, nothing else.
I have checked the aixmibd log file and I am seeing this error – “Connect to SNMP agent on the host loopback failed, will keep trying"

I have run !snmpDiagnose from the debugger and get the attached.  As far as I am aware there is no firewall blocking the SNMP communication, I have confirmed the service is running in AIX and have confirmed that the community string is correct in both LogicMonitor and AIX.  As such I have a few questions -

1/  Has anyone setup AIX monitoring and experienced this issue?
2/ Is there a limitation on the characters, from an AIX perspective that can be included in a community string?  H0rs3Sh0e - this isn't our community string but is an example of the character usage.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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