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5 months ago

Ability to exclude a device(s)/device groups from a Dashboard widget?

Hi, I am fairly new to LogicMonitor and this is my first time using the community, so forgive me if this has already been asked/answered somewhere.. but is there a way that you can exclude specific devices/device groups from a widget within a dashboard?

As an example, I don’t want our File Servers to appear on our Volume Utilization widget as each of the disks will always be operating at 90%+ utilization, so I’d like to at least have to option to exclude them as “known exceptions” if you like. 

I couldn’t see any logical settings within the widget itself which I could amend to configure this, and I also reported this to customer support team who said that there isn’t currently a global expression which could be applied to the widget in order match our requirement. 

Does anyone know whether I’m missing a trick here or whether this has is on the LogicMonitor roadmap for the future? 

Thanks in advance!

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  • To add on to what Stuart said, most widgets allow you to filter what they show you in a number of ways. Probably the most efficient way to do this is by using dashboard tokens to allow for widespread filtering by group. 

    First you’ll want to group these file servers into a group or a set of subgroups of a group. If they aren’t already grouped in a way that works for this, it’s possible to have more than one group hierarchy at work at a given time for given sets of devices; you can create a group for just this purpose.  (so you won’t need to disrupt your existing grouping/organization)
    Then, you’ll want to leverage dashboard tokens to reference this group in the filters for any widgets that support them. Here’s an article that covers it:
    Finally, as Stuart explained, because you want to exclude the set of devices that are file servers, you will use a glob expression to do that. There’s a detailed document here, with a bunch of examples. I think the glob for an expression which excludes a group called “File Servers” and any subgroups would look like this “!(File\sServers*)” Once you do it, you should be able to see it in the dashboard widgets immediately. 
    You could, of course, hard code things, but this is nice because it’s easy to replicate and change. 

  • Depends on the widget, but if the field supports glob expressions, you can negate by using the ! bang symbol.

    You can know it’s working based on what shows up in the dropdown as you type the filter. 

    For example, if you wanted to exclude all devices with XYZ in the name, you’d do a filter like this: