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2 years ago

Users who do not have "manage" permissions on devices get the option to disable alerting on the device

They have this option in the UI, but when they try, they get access denied. So, some options are being hidden, but others are being shown, even though they don’t line up with the user’s actual permissions.

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  • Also, users who do not have “manage device” permission are able to drag and drop device groups around in the tree. They get a confirmation dialog asking to save it, which they can click the save button. However, it eventually gives an access denied message (whew!).

    However, this has become a usability issue for some users who slightly move their mouse when operating the mouse button. The group starts to move (blue outline around the group), then it drops back in its original position. Unfortunately, the user doesn’t realize that a move group action was initiated then aborted. Instead, they think that the resource group tree is unresponsive.

    Users who do not have “manage device” permission shouldn’t even be able to initiate the group move operation.

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    Hi Stuart,

    For the “Disable Alerting” button - since there is no impact on functionality and because we also show the same button in UIv3 but with the click action disabled, I’ve captured that as feedback around better consistently around allowed actions and what’s shown in the UI. 

    For the drag-and-drop functionality, I’ll create a ticket to track the issue.