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2 years ago

Updates and Progress with UIv4


We want to thank you for all of the feedback that you have provided and update you on the progress we have been making. We have been working diligently to resolve any issues that have been reported. Most importantly, we understand that you’ve been experiencing slowness in the new UI. We apologize for any inconvenience, and want to assure you that we are working to improve the performance as quickly as possible.

Our team of developers have identified some root causes for the slowness and are actively working on the fix. We are conducting thorough testing and benchmarking to ensure that any solutions implemented resolve the issues appropriately. There are also some additional upcoming improvements that we have implemented based on the feedback we’ve received:

  1. For Configs:

    1. A full screen option is now available and more information will load so that you can see more of the file.

    2. We’ve improved the search functionality so that you can search the entirety of the config file. 

  2. You can now click anywhere in a line for the Resource Tree for easier navigation.

  3. For SDTs:

    1. Anyone with access to the SDT functionality will be able to see the new icon in the top right corner.

    2. Duplicates have been removed from view to avoid confusion.

  4. Anomaly Detection + Forecasting Improvements:

    1. We have streamlined the experience so that you can view anomaly detection and forecasting functionality with fewer clicks. 

  5. And more small improvement fixes!

These fixes will be available in v186 and 187. If there are any specific issues that you want to follow up on, please use this thread. Otherwise, create a new thread for any issues so that we can track them accordingly.


The LogicMonitor Product team

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  • Looking forward to playing around with the new UIv4 some more now that performance isn’t a hinderance to useability.  So far the performance is significantly better than before; also liking being able to click anywhere on a line to navigate again.

    Thanks for the update.