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2 years ago

SDT Icon but no schedule

I’ve got one customer’s group that appears to be in SDT. All objects under it (although not some groups) have the SDT icon. I noticed that when i am on an instance under that customer, the SDT tab shows no SDTs. This is despite the icon showing that it’s in SDT. I started walking up to the instance group, DS, device, resource groups. All are showing no SDTs even though there is an SDT icon. Something’s not getting painted right in the resource tree. 

Just noticed that the SDT tab shows “0 Filtered Sdts (1 Total)”, in the status bar. However, on the right, it shows “All Results Shown”. Those seem to contradict each other. I don’t have any filters applied, so i’m not sure why i’m not seeing it.

Update, just changed the time filter from 1 hour to all time and now i see the active SDT. 

So, the timeframe filter doesn’t make any sense. My SDT is active, so why wouldn’t it show up? Because either the start or the end are not in the last hour? It’s active, that’s right now. It should show up if it’s active. This particular SDT has a 1000 year, 8 month, 2 days, and 2 hour duration. It started in September and goes for 1000 years (because there’s no permanent SDT option). 

Unless there’s a compelling reason to have the timeframe filter on the SDT tab, I’d say remove it. If there is, have it default to all time as that will be the timeframe needed 99.99% of the time.

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    Thanks for the feedback y’all - I’ve gone ahead and create a ticket to track this issue. 

  • This would lead to a lot of miss communications as we automate SDTs from SNC to LM. Yeah this needs to be fixed.