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8 months ago

New UI Enhancements/ Feature Request

Being able to select several alerts at once and from the Actions menu have disable/enable alerting available, preferable as a cycle alerting option so that it disables and enables automatically, that we can allow anyone to perform. As we often set SDT and need to clear the alerts in CSM, in order to achieve this we select disable then enable on each alert individually when there is over 100 alerts this can be a pain.

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  • Yes i mean disable the Alerting instance then sends a clear to CSM(Service Now) which then resolves that Incident. But of course we dont want to leave it as Disabled so we enable it again and SDT captures the alert this time. So to be clear I’m talking about a new button to disable/enable in one click. Which is why i call it ‘Cycle Alerting’. and as we would be leaving the instance in an enabled state it is safe for anyone to have access to perform. It is something i am having to do on a regular basis daily. Engineers set a SDT then want the CSM ticket closed as all will be resolved when the work is performed to fix ( which can take days weeks months depending on the 3rd party) and noone wants the tickets in their queue when there is nothing for them to do.

  • While I’ve never made use of it, and perhaps you’ve already explored this option, I believe ‘Add Ack’ might be the function you’re looking for -- this will suppress alert routing until the alert clears and re-alerts. If this doesn’t tick the box for you, perhaps you could share greater detail; Are you looking to have a ‘class of service’ so that alerts are suppressed on a schedule automatically? e.g. do you expect alerts during a certain time window on a recurring basis?

    Some extra information:

    I’ve also come across the following LogicMonitor documentation that provides some guide lines for alert response: Glancing over it, it provides some very sensible guidance.

    It’s important to take these mechanics into consideration, because it can be extremely tempting to leverage bad practices to solve bad alert behavior. This may commonly be referred to as a ‘tactical’ fix for a ‘strategic’ problem.   

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    Hi Barb - just for my understanding, do you mean disabling alert generation completely for the selected device / datasource (module) / instance?