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2 years ago

New UI breadcrumbs don't refresh the page anymore

I used to use the breadcrumbs to refresh the current page (since the resource tree doesn’t get redrawn using the on-page refresh buttons). This functionality no longer works.

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  • I see this as well. I used to collapse/expand a resource in the tree to refresh the data sources underneath it. That appears to not be there either. Only way to refresh a resource/datasource view is to do entire page refresh?

  • Parts of the page don’t automatically update just because something changed that we’re expecting. New properties showing up because of discovery, new instances because of discovery, alerts clearing, etc. In the past, it was handy to use the breadcrumbs to initiate that refresh because it would redraw the resource tree exactly to where you were at. A page refresh would do the same thing, but would not always expand the portion of the tree you were looking at, leading to extra clicks.

  • I was just watching, and the tree appears to do its own refresh (ajax or websocket maybe?) but appears to be a good amount of time. Maybe 5 or more minutes. 

    It was always nice to see the data sources rolling in after you add a new resource to make sure it’s finding the correct data sources. So for me, I would just collapse/expand the resource in the tree and the data sources would update underneath it accordingly. 

    I really don’t mind on the mechanism to do a refresh, but doing a full page reload doesn’t seem warranted here. If that ajax/websocket can be adjusted for how quickly items are refreshed that would work too.

    Or maybe just an explanation on how the tree is being refreshed?

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    Hello! Would y’all mind expanding on the benefit of having the refresh at the breadcrumb level or the collapse/expand option vs. an entire page refresh?