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11 months ago

Modules for Zerto monitoring

Hi, here are some modules to monitor Zerto via their API. Appliances (ZVM/ZCM) and the Zerto Analytics portal are supported.

I have made the .xml export of each module available on Github, they can be downloaded from here:

The modules are:


I'll try to keep an eye on this post for any questions.

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  • I tried to use this updated API script but stuck with failure.

    Can you please provide me the DataSource? so will test on new Zerto 10.

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      I have updated the the "ZertoAppliance" modules to support the Linux appliance authentication, with help from Bhavesh. The updated files are in the Github repo. and zertoappliance.api.key set the client id/client secret credentials configured in Keycloak:

      zertoappliance.port is set to 443 by default, and this automatically chooses the Linux authentication method. Setting any other port will choose the Windows authentication method, 9669 is the default for Windows.

      If there is a Windows appliance running on port 443 (or Linux not running on 443) zertoappliance.type can be used for force the authentication method to either "linux" or "windows".

  • Yeah, it would be nice if there was a way to collaborate on community Exchange modules. Anyhow, i sent @Jack Drummond a message on the forums here.

  • I don’t know. Github has, which the repo doesn’t have. Not to mention pull requests.

  • Hi @chrisred - thanks so much for putting together this suite of modules. Would you be open to making them public via the LM Exchange?

    Publishing via LM Exchange will open them up to more people and they’ll also undergo a security review as part of the process