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7 years ago

GEIST Watchdog DataSources

HM7MKA - GEIST_Watchdog_Internal_Dew_Point

CMFNFD - GEIST_Watchdog_Internal_Humidity

EY2LN6 - GEIST_Watchdog_Internal_Temp


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  • Thanks for this!

    For whatever reason though I needed to make a few changes to get this to work with my (old) WatchDog 100. I had to change the "Applies to" to "system.sysinfo =~ "Environment Monitor"" and then change the OID of the Temperature_Raw datapoint to ".".

    Just leaving this note for anyone else who runs into an issue.


  • Seems that the OIDs are not retrieving any data from the new WatchDog 100s that I added to monitor. It returns an error:

    OID does not exist
    OID does not exist