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3 years ago

Top 5 Process with High CPU Alert

Any chance of providing a list of top 5 process when a Windows high CPU alert is generated?

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  • Please! I created a facility for this years ago with Nagios via callbacks in our notification template processor (actual templates with conditionals, etc.), but that would be tricky here. You need basically a trigger to run callbacks or similar here when alerts fire with the results placed into a token.  My guess is it won't happen unless it can be monetized somehow :(.

  • Any new updates on this topic? 

    We had solarwinds before Logic Monitor and that was a great feature - - when the CPU Alert happened - to capture / screen print the top 5-20 processes showing the current CPU usage.

    I also would love to have something that could track the top 20 processes running on certain servers and track that over time so I could know when something went strange with processing.



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    Yep another nice one is that when latency is detected, kick of a tracert to figure out which hop might have the latency issue. These are normally referred to as incident responses or actions. I think there is something like this in the roadmap. Everyone should definitely reach out to their CSM and jump on the bandwagon. LM prioritizes based on how many people are on a particular bandwagon (how many people submit the same feature request). So, the more people ask for it, the sooner it'll happen.

    I'm still waiting for people to get on my idea of toaster monitoring...