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3 years ago

Tablet widget limitation to 500 results

Limiting the dynamic entries in the dashboard widget to 500 is not practical. It would be useful if this limit could be set by the user or increased significantly by design.

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  • That dashboard widget is likely not to get a fundamental upgrade like that. Instead, they'll look into expanding it for the UIv4 version of dashboards.

  • Not yet. Just tested it in UIv4 and it’s still limited to 500 items. Just doesn’t give you the red warning message (this is a table of pinglosspercent which definitely has more than 500 entries and showed an error in UIv3)..

  • Having spoken with various LM teams about this specific issue, it doesn’t seem like they will be expanding it. 

  • with UIv4 coming soon to a theatre near you….is this one of the enhancements they’ve made?