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9 months ago

suggtion: Veeam monitoring via REST API

the doco for monitoring Veeam says that only Veeam Backup Viewer access is required, but Backup Administrator is actually required when using the underling PowerShell module.

The REST API doesn't require admin privileges, may i suggest updating the LogicMonitor module for Veeam to use the API?

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  • Hi, @conan.chiles.  We’re interested in looking into this.  If you have a device we can access to assess the REST API vs the current mentor, please send me an email at, send me a DM, or put the details in a feature request on which device we can reference.  We’re actively looking at v12, so this is timely.  Thanks.

  • If you haven’t already, put this feature request in through the product. Feature requests here are nothing more than discussions with other LM customers.

    I would think they would be all for this given their recent security push to get certified for use by governments and military.