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3 years ago

Search results-clicked device/resource - Details pane choose a static group instead of a dynamic group

I'm not aware of a way to do this today, so forgive me if there is a way that I don't know.  I did open a ticket about this.

When clicking on a resource/device from the results of a search, the detail pane (on the right) defaults to "All Devices" or "Devices By Type" Dynamic Group view.  I.e.  Click HOSTNAME123;  The default group is "Devices By Type" > Linux Servers > HOSTNAME123.  This causes heartburn with role assignments, device management strategies, etc.   We have sub-teams who may have view permission on the dynamic group, but manage permission on the static group and they're impeded when searching for something or clicking through from a link.

We use dynamic groups for ease of platform management and device classification.  We use static groups for management and role segmentation for security controls. Some engineers and administrators need to be able to view all devices in a dynamic group, but should only have manage rights for devices assigned to them via role and purpose based static groups.

Can we please have a feature to select which group / view it will default to for platform wide search results? 


Thanks for your consideration.