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3 years ago

SDT and UI Improvements

I feel like this has come up before, but posting anyway....  We have previously used tools like Nagios and Icinga2 along with advanced UI layers (e.g., Thruk).  We really miss the features those provided for usability including flexible downtime (set a window within which downtime is expected and then an SDT duration once triggered) as well as Thruk's ability to perform sophisticated searches (multiple AND/OR blocks chained easily in the UI) with which setting downtime, acknowledging alerts, or other suitable mass actions can be applied.  Usually the answer in LM is "use the API" for anything even a little complex since the UI is so limited, but for some features (like flexible downtime) we must have that support in the backend. I know there is a new UI in progress (for years now), so hopefully some of these issues will be resolved once the entire UI is done.

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