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5 years ago

SDT - Automated Scheduling Enhancement

Hi community, first time poster and happy to be here!

Working for a large organisation that have multiple teams running automated jobs at various times throughout the months. Some of these teams play nice and run their jobs at the same time and day every week, and others are quite more difficult and run them either bi-weekly or follow a pattern similar to 'on the third Saturday of every month'. SDT in its current state does not support repeating on a schedule that will allow me to match these more irregular times.

I'm hoping SDT can be further enhanced to allow more scheduling capabilities to its users by providing at minimum the options of repeating bi-weekly, and 'on the 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th [specific day] of every month.'. Thanks

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    Something like "repeat [daily|weekly|monthly] every X [days|weeks|months] on the Yth day of the [day|week|month]", yeah?  Something like that would address the first case, i think.

    This might be a new feature, but scheduling SDT on the Xth [weekday] of every month is possible, I think. Pick "repeat" and "monthly (on day of week)" and choose the [first|second|third|fourth|last] [monday|tuesday|wednesday|thursday|friday|saturday|sunday] and pick your time. That addresses the second example you mentioned, right @ChickenTenderer?

    I don't have an answer regarding this particular enhancement request as is, but I may be speaking at LevelUp about writing automation into change management so that only related CIs go into SDT at the beginning of a change window and come out at the end. I know it doesn't address setting once and forgetting. But, would this be interesting for you as a topic at LevelUp?

    Also, as always there's a more tedious way of doing what you're looking for. You could, either through the GUI or through the API, create multiple schedules that repeat.