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2 years ago

Scripted Alert Thresholds

It should be possible to groovyscript Alert Thresholds, based on (for example) ILPs and hostProperties.

I need to modify the SNMP_Network_Interfaces to vary the InDiscardPercent threshold depending on whether this is a radioMAC interface type and whether it is a given customer.

Something along the lines of:

def isRadio = instanceProps.get('auto.interface.type') == 'radioMAC';

def customerCode = hostProps.get('customer.code');

if(isRadio && customerCode == 'ACME')


    // No threshold

    return '';


// The default

return '> 10';

  • @Stuart Weenig I’ll check to see what I can find out! 

    Also, in the near future we are planning to implement an idea board that would show the status of feature requests ;)

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