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4 years ago

Rollup all alerts for one device on alert screen into one entry

I'd like a way to roll-up all the alerts for a known bad device being monitored (as a device could have dozens of datapoints all alerting) into one line item on the alerts screen so that other alerts aren't lost in the sea of alerts for a known bad device. Ie. it might take me 3-7 days to fix a bad device, and I'd still like to have alerting enabled for it so I don't forget to alert on it once it is fixed. But I have missed some alerts at the bottom of the 2nd page because the one known bad device had so many alert points.

Perhaps one of those triangle twirl UI elements that we could collect and collapse them all.


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  • @dpmcintyre have you looked at the header graph, grouping by resource? Switch to the tree map view instead of time series, then use the upside down "Y" in the upper left corner to choose "Resource/Website" instead of the default "Severity". That will create a box graph where the larger the box, the more alerts the device has. Clicking on the box filters too.