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4 years ago

Request for improved Topology and World Mapping

I am finding that the devices are not mapping automatically, it would be nice to see the connections turn color (Red) if there are bandwidth/packet loss between devices

I like see grouping on the world map instead of everything stacked on each other.

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  • Hey @brentster, we're making a lot of enhancements to Topology Mapping this year.

    We are looking at information overlay like turning the connections red. We don't have anything set in stone yet.

    It would be really helpful for me if you could give me more information about which devices in your portal aren't being mapped. It could be that we need to add coverage, or it could b that you need to enable LLDP/CDP or something like that.

    We've heard a few requests for seeing nodes on a real world map. This isn't as far along as information overlay, but definitely something we're considering as we get feedback.


  • Hi Micheal,

    I am having the following issue with the map:

    I have a site that uses Meraki, Router, Switch and APs (added using Meraki Cloud), I created a network map and I can see all the Meraki devices.

    The devices appear on the map using their SN numbers instead of their device name as well as it will not show any non Meraki devices connected to it, I tried selecting "Outgoing and Incoming" but the problem persists.

    I also noticed that Meraki access point are using the router icon instead of an AP icon,

    1. Can I change the name of the device on the map?

    2. How do I view non Meraki devices?

    3. How do I change the map icons?