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4 years ago

'Recently Deleted' folder for dashboard(s)

Recently we had a user deleting (by mistake) a few groups of dashboards (containing very important dashboards for one of our clients). 
We've only noticed on this 2 weeks after. Since we're on a transition phase we don't want to request support a restore of our portal to that day since that would result in losing a lot of post work (they might not even be able to, since it was >7 days ago).

We could've made a 'template' of that dashboard as well (we'll sure do - as a best practice from now on) but unfortunately, that wasn't the case either :( 
It would be really nice/safe to have some sort of 'Recently Deleted' folder for dashboards (similar to what we've for Resources).

Not sure if this was something debated already in the past, however, it would be a great improvement in my opinion.

Thank you!

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  • ^+100 Bumping.. We 100x agree. Why isn't there a recently deleted "Dashboards" recycle bin temp holding container? The dashboards are only a few kb maybe. It would make my life much easier and better if this option/feature was in the product. 

    Any feedback from Product Owners/Managers here?