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6 years ago

PowerShell -- Instance Property Support

It had been ages since I had to write a datasource in PowerShell so I haven't stayed up-to-date on the latest bells and whistles available. But I was very surprised to see that instance properties are still not supported. With the substitution engine and enhancements made on the Groovy-side, I would have thought this trivial to implement. Is supporting instance properties on the horizon for PowerShell scripting for Datasources?

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  • Creating instance (auto) properties or attempting to use instance auto properties created from the AD script in the collection script?

  • Hi Joe,

    Instance Level Properties (ILP's) are available in PowerShell Active Discovery scripts as long as they fit the following format as output.


    Is this what you are trying to accomplish? Or are you trying to use a Powershell PropertySource?

  • Sorry for being unclear. I was attempting to consume instance level properties in a PowerShell collection script. 

    The PowerShell Collection script tried assigning two ILPs to a variable-- one was a JSON formatted string ( and another was a plain ol' string (auto.logname). Like so:

    $events = '##AUTO.EVENTS##'
    $logname = "##AUTO.LOGNAME##"

    It took a little testing and debugging to figure out that my attempts to iterate through  the JSON object were failing because the substitution engine were making these empty strings O.o.

  • Interesting, and works in Groovy? I haven't though of doing it that way before, learn something new :)/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20">

    I typically would either have the same basic code from AD in the collector script (since I attempt to use BatchScript whenever possible) or pass values over via wildvalue/wildvalue2/wildalias.

  • You are correct in groovy you can do an instanceProps.get() – return the specified instance property e.g. instance = instanceProps.get("wildvalue")

    This is available if you import the santaba module for Groovy. Unfortunately, we don't have anything like that for Powershell at this time.

  • Bump.  This is still not working, i.e. getting Instance Level Properties (ILPs) in DataSource written in PowerShell.  I just burned 8 hours trying to figure out why my script during Collection is coming up with empty strings during assignments of some custom ILPs.  Sigh.