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4 years ago

Please add the (<*>) eye focus feature to Dashboards

Hello LM Product Owner folks, hopefully you read and see this.
Can you please add the feature/option in the DASHBOARDS section to include the EYE/FOCUS option. Not sure why its not there in 1st place but it would make working in dashboards much easier and helpful. 
We need this b/c we have close to 100+ folders for each different client and they all need their own Dashboard folder. When I'm working on something custom for one client it would be great if I could just FOCUS on that one client's folder instead of having the 100+ other folders listed. Please consider adding this. 

Resources has it:

Dashboards does not:



@Casey Stephenson

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  • @DanB The branch focus option from the resources tree will be coming to the dashboard tree navigation as well with the new UI refresh of dashboards later this year.

  • Nice, thanks Ryan for the update. Looking forward to this finally.


  • Hello bumping, Any LM PM's here who can respond? This shouldn't be hard and would really make this portion of the tool easier to work with.


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    I'm tracking someone down. UIv4 may address this.