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5 years ago

please add HtmlUnit

Please add HtmlUnit ( to allow for more sophisticated web page interaction, including JavaScript evaluation. Right now any pages with JavaScript are impenetrable.  I know it is in theory possible to add this ourselves, but it is a painful process that must be done on each collector.  Much easier if included to begin with.  Or please add a facility to allow deployment of new libraries within Settings.  Perhaps not fully dynamic like Grapes, but something along those lines would be very helpful.


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  • Hey @mnagel, we've been looking at possibly adding Selenium to handle this kind of thing. I like that HtmlUnit is headless, but it doesn't seem to have a good recorder like Selenium. I could be mistaken.

    I also like the idea of UI-based JAR management.

    We looked at Grape support a while back, but it posed some significant security and architectural issues. I'll talk to the collector dev team about this and see what we can do.

  • There is a definite need for the ability to carry out synthetic transactions/test ability to access (auth), websites/open links, Desktop/Applications etc in Azure, AWS & other environments, to verify availability, load/run times, (latency etc). This would give confirmation of User/Customer experience and help identify issues, which in this form is not available in LM at this time, but should be.

    This capability needs adding asap, at a CAB I attended in November this, (synthetic trans.), was on the road map for 2020 (poss release Sept.) and was 'vigorously' discussed by many there stating the sooner the better as it is a large gap in performance/service level offering monitoring.