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2 years ago

Please add Firepower Device Manager support

Reviewing the modules available, I see SNMP and FMC API support, but there is REST API support for FDM (local version of FMC) and this does not appear to be supported (to be fair, I have not tried pretending it is as all the modules specifically mention CiscoFMC and nothing about FDM). Missing FDM support restricts visibility to some areas, such as environmental monitoring.  Please review and update the modules to allow for FDM REST API to work.  Hopefully it is not a significant change to the existing CiscoFMC modules….

While I am at it, good to point out that setting up SNMP for the FTD is especially challenging and it would be helpful to users for LM to document the process.  If anyone from the docs team wants input please have them contact me.

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