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2 months ago

Need to be able to select NOTHING for Alerting on website checks

When setting up a website check, there are two options for Alerting:

  • Of multiple selected locations
  • Of one selected location

The Multiple option is enabled by default, but it doesn't include any details of an alert when one comes in.  It just tells me how many checkpoints have a problem.  The One option is set to Nothing by default, but that option includes details of website alerts, and is far more useful than the other option.

I can enable the second option to start getting alerts there just fine.  However, there is no "Nothing" choice for the first option so I can't turn those off.  This means that if I enable the second option, I'm going to get duplicate alerts all the time.

There needs to be a Nothing option in the first box like there is the second box.



For anyone who isn't familiar with the differences between the two alerts, here's a sample of the exact same alert from the two alerting options.


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  • Agreed, we run into issues all the time. We have most checks using multiple sitemonitors, but some have only one. Without customizing the ones that have only one source, we always get duplicates when that one goes down.