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3 years ago

Meraki Cellular Monitoring - Separate from WAN interface

the current DS is currently treating both WAN and Cellular as "Uplink" interfaces, is there a way that the code can break it out into WAN and Cellular as individual data points? 

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    If they're listed as different instances, you can split them into groups either manually or automatically.

  • Right, problem they're all considered "uplink", any threshold adjustment needed to be done manually, was looking for more of an automated way (possibly in the code) to look for specific instance description and place it into it's own datapoint?

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    You don't need a different datapoint.  You need a different (cloned) DS or you need to use ILPs to drive the threshold. I can provide more info Monday. 

  • Hi, @Ali Rajab.  What is the desired outcome you’re looking for?  Are you referring to the Uplink status or the packet loss and latency?

    Perhaps you might have different loss and latency thresholds that you want to alert on when using the Cellular Gateway?

    I’d be happy to discuss with you if you want to DM me.