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2 years ago

LM Logs parser conditional formatting operator

Submitted to LM Feedback under the title “LM Logs parser colorization based on criteria”

As an engineer who is trying to see how certain logs relate to other logs, it would be helpful if I could highlight specific logs in context with other logs by using an advanced search operator to colorize certain logs that meet a certain criterion. For example, I run this query often:
"PagerDuty Ticket Creation" | parse /(.*) (SUMMARY|ERROR|INFO|DEBUG): (.*)/ as Script, Severity, Msg
One of the fields I parse is the Severity, which as you can see can have values of SUMMARY, ERROR, INFO, or DEBUG. It would be nice if I could add an operator to the query that would let me colorize rows based on the value of the parsed Severity column (Severity just in this case; for the general case, any expression on any column). For example, I'd like to run the query:
"PagerDuty Ticket Creation" | parse /(.*) (SUMMARY|ERROR|INFO|DEBUG): (.*)/ as Script, Severity, Msg | colorize Severity == "ERROR" as orange | colorize Severity ~ /SUMMARY|INFO/ as green
The result would be that rows in the table that have a value of "ERROR" would have a background color of orange (a muted orange) and rows in the table that have a value of "SUMMARY" or "INFO" would be colored green. Since the DEBUG logs don't match any colorization operator, they would have the default color of white. 
It might be handy if one *or* two colors could be passed, allowing me to change the color of the text and the background, or just the background. 
It would be ok if I could only choose from a set list of colors, but it would be great if I could specify an RGBA color.

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