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3 years ago

LM Logs: Log retention request

There's a few different use-cases around logging that we are presented with in our enterprise.  I know that LM Logs is focused on logging functionality that enhances its other monitoring competencies and its not intended to be a competitor to all of the other logging-only products and services out there.

But there are 2 somewhat related features that would be valuable to us and hopefully others reading this will add enough +1s to justify looking into them if they haven't already been considered.

  • variable retention length, per resource.  Blanket 30 day or 1 year choice is extremely difficult to make if an overwhelming majority of log-emitting resources are fine with 30 days but the use case that needs longer retention involves a only a small fraction of the log-emitting resources.  There's probably an endless number of ways to unroll this idea but as an example: maybe there's a way to add a storage dimension such that a customer could move the slider to 90 days for the 5 resources that need it, but by doing so the slider drops from 30- to 3-day retention for the other resources?
  • archive of raw logs to external destinations like S3 or Azure Blob.  This could be done manually, or accomplished by a schedule or other automation and to an extent it probably could substitute for the first bullet item, and really if LM agreed to do only 1 of these this is probably the one I'd value more.

So jump in make some noise and smash that 'Like' button, peeps.  Feel free to add some meat to this skeleton's bones too.

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