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4 years ago

internal crosscheck

Please add an ability to produce an internal crosscheck page. This should include, but not be limited to:

misconfigured alert rules (referencing dead modules, modules whose names have changed, etc.)
misconfigured widgets in dashboards (referencing dead modules or datapoints, etc.)
any other place where string value references are used by UI elements instead of internal IDs, resulting in inconsistent and/or dead references

I keep trying to find ways to detect this before our clients do (at the worst time, always).  I have some draft code for dead widget detection I came up with via trial and error, but this overall problem is something that should be solved within the system itself.

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  • I just tossed together some code to do the bare minimum for alert rules, which is to validate the module references for each. That turned out to be harder than expected as I quickly realized module matches are based on display name for some and name for others, and the patterns allowed in the module field in rules is not the same as what is handled by the filter API option. Fast forward, now the script checks for any matches on any module properly. Sync'ed this initial version and other script updates to our git repo (