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3 years ago

Intelligent auto-balanced collector pool updates.

Hi LM,

Currently, applying collector updates (both one-time manuals and recurring-scheduled) to all of the collectors in an autobalanced group initiates updates for all collectors in the group simultaneously; taking the devices being monitored by the group down. It makes scheduled batch updating impractical for large pools that are scaled up over time. This is due to needing to continually add update schedules individually to every collector in the pool to ensure no overlap.

Changing the collector update feature to be autobalanced-aware and cycle through the group, initiating the next collector in the group when the previous one comes back online post-upgrade, would significantly improve the utility of this feature.


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  • Hey @David, we do this intelligently for Failover pairs, but not yet for ABCG. I'll discuss with the collector team to see if we can get this improved. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Thanks Michael,

    Appreciate the follow up and have a good day!