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2 years ago

Ideas for tracking LM website docs changes?

Hi gang! I’ve raised this issue to our CSM but I want to raise the topic here for conversation. There might be a technical solution I’m not imagining.

When LogicMonitor updates their own support documents on their website, there’s no way to see what exactly has changed - unless the page content explicitly includes such details. 

Case in point: “Tokens Available in LogicModule Alert Messages”

It reads “Last updated on 13 January, 2023”

OK, great - but what changed?? 

(We make extensive use of Alert Tokens in custom JSON payloads in our LM Integrations which send to PagerDuty. If there’s changes to the Alert Tokens in a way which would affect how PagerDuty ingests and/or routes the Alerts - and I didn’t know about it to make adjustments - that would really stink, and that’s putting it mildly.)

Disregarding that specific page however…. Do people have any ideas on how to track LM website changes in a way that would expose the specific changes? I don’t want to have to resort to ConfigSource monitoring of LogicMonitor’s own website, nor do I want to have to resort to writing a web crawler which would download the entire site and commit it to version control like Github - but I’m tempted, which is sad.

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    I think this isn’t something that isn’t unique to LM, but it would be hugely helpful if they were able to figure out a way to add a calendar dimension to documentation content, a trail of milestones or a mechanism that let us essentially “flip back to a previous page”

  • Having a sub-heading on the page that is collapsed by default with a title of “What Changed” enumerating the changes would be a good step forward.

  • I wonder if you could render the pages through the amp project using a configsource. That would give you the simplified version that you could diff.

  • This has been a standing issue of sorts with us as well. Being able to decipher what is new, changed, updated has always been a problem.