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10 months ago

Getting specific datapoints using the REST API

In this post:

… @Sarah Terry  provides information on how to get data for just specific datapoints, reducing load on the API, minimizing network traffic and reducing deserialization load on the client.  While this is VERY useful, it is not currently possible to do this for graph data.

An example of such a call would be:


… which brings back the default graph data (all datapoints), though this would also work for a specific graph.  The advantage of this approach to data fetch is that it permits the retrieval of virtual datapoints.

In order to achieve the same benefits, we (Panoramic Data) request that the same datapoint filtering is added to the {{logicmonitor_url}}/device/devicedatasourceinstances/{instanceId}/graphs/{graphId}/data endpoint.

Of lesser importance would be other graph API endpoints (e.g. the website graph API endpoint)

Thanks in advance!


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