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4 years ago

From Email Branding

We would like to be able to adjust the name attached to the From field on our outgoing alert emails. Ideally this would be a global setting for all alert emails without having to resort to custom integrations. We use our monitoring portal to send alerts directly to customers for some fully-managed services where they may not be aware of the LogicMonitor name. It would be better if we could modify the name to be "OurCompany Alert" instead of "LogicMonitor Alert".

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  • I would not hold your breath -- I have had to fight just to get and keep SPF enabled on our email.  Regardless, even if you could use the builtin alerts with a distinct From address, you would still have portal links embedded in the message that reveal it is LogicMonitor.  You could do what we do and submit everything via a custom email integration (or a web integration via an API handler), then handle the data any way you like.  In our case, we feed the tokens into an actual template system to format messages using conditional logic and all that stuff missing in the LM blind token substitution method available normally.  We feed that transformed result into a ticket, but obviously it could be handled many different ways at that point, including re-routing via email with proper headers.  The downside of a custom integration is that there is a bug -- certain things LM simply does not send to those that are sent with the builtin integration (e.g., ACK and SDT notices). I have asked about this and in theory it might be fixed one day, but it has not been in well over a year since reported.