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3 years ago

Fortigate HA Peers Member Count


I'm unable to find a datasource that shows the amount of members in a HA group. We want to know if a member dropped off or joined the current HA group. Please let me know if there's a current datasource that does this or if this can be a new calculation included into the current HA datasource for fortigates. Thanks!

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    Assuming you've looked through the exchange.

    Is the number of ha members something that's monitorable? I ask this because it's the opening question that has to be answered anytime anyone asks "can X be monitored by LM?". If it can, through what method? If it's through the same method as an existing DS, look into adding that datapoint into the collection. If not, built a new DataSource.

  • Hello @Ken

    Just saw your request... There's no data source OOTB that would monitor the peer HA for Fortigate. Mainly because there's no specific OID provided by Fortinet that tells you the peer status on the HA group. However, we created a custom module (based on the OOTB one 'Fortinet_FortiGate_HighAvailability') that does the trick (with some extra logic & making use of the provided SNMP MIBs).

    We had this need in the past, therefore, built a module that grabs the peer status in the HA & returns an alarm if the secondary peer state changes on the HA group (to catch failover actions). If that's not what you're looking for disregard, if it's, hope it helps.

    You can find it here.