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5 years ago

Filter out out reply to info in alert message

I send alerts to a chat channel and I want to remove the lines below from the alert message since it would not work in the chat channel. 
You may reply to this alert with these commands:
     - ACK (comment) - acknowledge alert
     - NEXT - escalate to next contact
     - SDT X - schedule downtime for this alert on this host for X hours.
     - SDT datasource X
     - SDT for all instances of the datasource on this host for X hours
     - SDT host X
     - SDT for entire host for X hours

I tried using custom email integration the above was still included. 

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  • I am shocked to hear those are included with the custom email integration since none of those work for custom (the reply address is nailed up as "". unchangeable unfortunately).  I just checked our logs and we are definitely not seeing that from a custom integration -- it sends only what you tell it and nothing else.  Are you sure you are sending to the correct contact/integration pair? The menu setup on those is very fragile and strange.  Are you sure no other chain target uses normal email?  Another issue to be aware of with custom email is they don't send SDT or ACK status messages, which I think is a bug, but I didn't win that one (yet).