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8 years ago

Export Alert Table

It would be nice to have an export button on any alert table.

When we're doing research on an issue and we've finally narrowed the criteria to see the info we need, it helps to have an export button right there, rather than having to go to reports and reconfigure all the parameters to hopefully get the same data.

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  • I agree, an export button on the alerts tab would simplify the user experience, and remove the repetitive steps.

  • Export to CSV and/or "Create Report" from the Alerts screen (with current filters that are applied) is being requested more & more from our user community.

  • I would like a Copy To Clipboard option please.  This should be in the Alert Widget also. We often need to copy and email alerts and making screen grabs is far from ideal.

  • I'd like to bring this one up again. It's one of the most requested features by all 168 of my users.  They find it very frustrating the the alert table doesn't have a copy to clipboard or export to CSV option.  Why you may ask?  Because people need to share information in bulk with different teams via emails and instant messages and tickets.  It's much more convenient than having to configure an adhoc report if people can self serve export the data that is right in front of them.

    Incidentally, if right click operations on alerts in the alert widget are being considered, then this should be one of those operations. User should be able to select the alerts they want to copy to clipboard or export to CSV, then right click to do so.

  • This is a good one.  I created a thread for just this a href="" rel="">here (on all monitor tabs though, not just alerts).  Seems we have many people desiring this an export capability straight from your list views of monitor related data.

  • How is this not a thing yet? This shouldn't be difficult...

  • hi any update on adding the above-mentioned features?