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7 years ago

Disable/Enable Global DataSource

At the moment we are only able to enable/disable monitoring and alerting on a datasource by doing per individual instance or device.  It would be super helpful to be able to do this to datasources on a Global level, basically put the alerting/monitored switch that you give the devices and instances, to the global Datasources in Settings as well.  I understand that the current method of doing this is to false() the Applies To, but a switch or setting to freeze alerts or monitoring would be more useful in the long run.

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  • The Applies To method is a non-starter -- it will destroy all historical data.  This is definitely needed!  I recently submitted a similar FR related to disabling all activity on a device (AD and polling), since the only other option is to delete a device (with similar downsides).

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    On 1/23/2018 at 12:54 PM, mnagel said:

    The Applies To method is a non-starter -- it will destroy all historical data

    If the Active Discovery settings are set to automatically delete instances (which is usually the case). 

    I don't think this is likely to happen outside an AppliesTo mechanism mainly because the newly unmonitored device would be consuming a license even though it's not getting any new data. That causes other problems because a lack of data for a device would cause a dead device status. I think it would be hard to convince the product team that there's sufficient value in keeping the historical data of a device (beyond the 30 days configurable in the DS) once polling has stopped.

    That said, I've been lobbying for an implied AppliesTo on every DS that would allow a property to toggle monitoring and alarming on/off. This is done today (in a manner) with the Ping DS (and a few others), whose AppliesTo looks like this:

    isDevice() && !hasCategory("NoPing")

    My suggestion would be that if there is a property having the name of the datasource and a value of "false" or "0" or "disable" would cause the DS to be disabled. Specifics on implementation would need to be ironed out. An alternative syntax could be to set a property called <ds_name>.enable = true|false to enable|disable polling and <ds_name>.alarming = true|false to enable|disable alarming. That way properties could be set automatically via property sources, active discovery scripts, etc.