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4 years ago

Dashboard/Report scheduler improvements


The scheduler feature could be way better when it comes to define recurring windows.
Quick example, we have a client that requires a daily report to be sent every 4 hour. We can say the report will be sent daily but, we're only able to pick one time slot.
We can't actually define an interval (like every X hours for example)... That or being able to select multiple time slots (example, at 12 and other at 22)...

This would be great if achievable without having to create 5/6 different reports.

Thank you!

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  • Oh man, that really would be useful.
    Cut down a number our reports we have too.

  • Thanks @Stuart Weenig Maybe its finally time to revisit this as overall the scheduling parts of LM really need a huge improvements.

    The key sections like Reports & SDT need to be updated b/c they are very limited in what they should be able to do. There are many requests in the community asking for this improvement for a while now.



  • ^+100 bumping. Agree again with this. The scheduler is VERY limited in what it can actually schedule. Other much older tools have a plethora of options that are so much better than LM's scheduler options. 

    Same situation as Vitor's above where client asked for reports every x # of hours but currently that requires a single report to be defined for each of the time(s) the hourly deliver requested needs. 

    Product Development or Product Owners can you comment here. This seems like a very lacking portion of the LM reports scheduler functionality.


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    Not giving any official response here, just my own wild theories: Older non-SaaS products could be wide open allowing you to send reports as often as you want because the party affected by the increased load is you the customer, who is hosting the software and presumably handing the communication service. Given that these emails from from LM through our infrastructure, I imagine this was put in place very early on to prevent someone from dragging down the system by scheduling tons of reports every hour. Likely not an issue now given our improved infrastructure and there could easily be checks put into place to ensure something stupid isn't scheduled.

  • Totally agree with @DanB!
    It's really crucial for our monitoring to have this improved ASAP :)/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20" />