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5 years ago

Custom Property to DISABLE monitoring on Group and its children

Is there a custom property in the INFO tab on a Group that we can specify that will STOP all monitoring on that groups and its sub group(s)? If not can there be one added like


I'm asking b/c the situation came up where due to licensing we have to PAUSE the monitoring of AWS instances. I don't want to delete these profiles since they are already setup and configured. Just want to PAUSE or Disable the monitoring till the clients are fully on-boarded into the platform.



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  • This situation that brought this up was say for example:

    Client_A says stop all monitoring, stop all the WMI/SNMP calls to our devices or they don't pay their monitoring bill, whatever.
    We'd like an option on Client_A's parent group folder to just stop all monitoring, pause it.
    Someone suggested we could un-check all the Data Sources in the Alarm Tuning tab BUT that would ruin all the customized data sources we already checked/unchecked for the clients environment. If the client told us what to monitor and what not to monitor, so in those 500+ Data Sources we unchecked like 100+ of them. If we wanted to disabled all monitoring I could not just un-check all the DS's in this tab b/c  if we need to re-enable it all it will check everything back on. 
    What I'm was looking for was just a property settings at the parent group level that could "STOP ALL MONITORING" or just PAUSE it. 
    That way if Client_A says ok please continue monitoring, we can then turn monitoring back on, we can just toggle the variable and everything will go back to monitoring as it was.
    Some might suggest just stopping the collector service but in some situations we don't have access to the collector box. So can't use this option.