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3 years ago

CSV Import Fails to add some devices

Correct me if I'm wrong but It seems like the CSV import has been built in a way that it is meant for enterprise companies and not MSP's. The issue is that if a customer has a device with an IP that is the same as another customer it will not import. It doesn't even give you an error that the device was not imported.

My feature request is two parts:

1) If I'm importing devices for different customers you should be able to import devices that have the same IP as other customers.

2) There should be some sort of error if a device is not imported similar to devices that get imported but placed in the unmonitored folder.

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    The IP address can be the same as an existing device, but the display name must be different.

  • IPs also need to be unique per collector/ABCG also and I don't think one CSV file itself can specify which collector to use (I don't use CSV much). Might need to do one CSV import per customer so you can chose the correct collectors. For an MSPs I suggest investing in writing onboarding scripts.

    But I definitionally agree on the error messages and more error checking. CSV importing can allow items to be imported that have problems that GUI would normally prevent like newlines and ending spaces in names.