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4 years ago

ConnectWise Configuration Record Attachments to routed Alerts.

Found a question in "ask the community" here re: a href="" rel="">CW Config Record attachments from about 3 years back.

CW Config records are essentially the configuration records within CW Manage that track issue, and ticket history for a given device. This data becomes useful when trying to analyze which devices and systems an operator is spending too much time on, and aids in identification of candidates for configuration changes or replacement.

We can manually assign configurations to tickets that are routed to our integration, but it would remove one more potential for user error if we could automate the configuration record assignment.

While auto discovery of the configuration record in Connectwise through some combination of IP address, mac address, or hostname would be ideal, even adding a custom ID to every resource in LM would be an acceptable solution to this challenge at this time. We can't do it ourselves as the integration is written into the LM platform and is not editable by users.

Our organization would be open to being a pilot group to assist in testing of the integration feature.

I'd be interested to know if other MSPs face a similar challenge within their RMM.

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