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8 years ago

Config Source Reporting

I would like to be able to create a report using the Config Sources. ie show inventory from a list of devices or show version from a list of devices.

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  • It would be nice if ConfigSources were available to add to the device inventory report.  

  • @Stuart Weenig

    Almost a year on I accidently find my self back on this page. A report that allowed for the outputs of configsources to be displayed would be super helpful.

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    Are you looking to create a report of devices that have ConfigSources applied? You can create a Device Inventory Report and have it filtered by specific Properties to get what you are looking for. For example, the devices that have ConfigSources applied should have the properties "config.user" or "config.pass". As for showing the version, are you referring to the Config version, system version or something else?


  • I would like to generate a report based on the output of "show version".

    A report would display the device name and running version.

    Or I would like to generate a report based on the "show inventory".

    Display devices with matching part number XYZ.

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    If you want the version (like the output of "show version" on an IOS device), why not make a PropertySource that extracts the values. You could split by major version, minor version, etc. and store into different properties. Then pretty easily create a group structure that would pull in the devices based on the values of those properties. An inventory report from there would be trivial.