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2 years ago

Collector Group / Resource Group relationship

When you install a new collector on a Server, you can choose to "Monitor the device on which the Collector is installed" and select the device group to which you want the Collector to belong.

This does make it super easy to begin monitoring the Collector and its host, but the next choice in the Collector install process is for Collector Group assignment.    And right now there is no relationship between Collector Group and Device Resource Group.   I would really like to be able to see my collectors in my resource tree in groups that match the names of the Collector Groups.

Yes, I can manually accomplish this outcome.   But I think it would be so much better if there was an option at collector install to make Group Name equivalency between Collector Group and Resource Group an automatic, dynamic occurrence.   That might happen in the future by making a feature request but for right now, I'm stuck trying to think of how to accomplish this on my own.  Seems like a property and a variable are needed, and then dynamic group membership based on that property/variable pair but this is where I've developed a mental block.   Anybody tried this before?