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4 years ago

Change "In SDT" column in Alerts to actually mean if the alert was generated while device was in SDT

While investigating an incident we had, looking at the Alerts Tab while in Resources View, there is a column that is called:  "In SDT" which turns out is useless. It just means "is the devices currently, at this very moment, in a SDT window" and not if the alerts you are looking at, which may or may not have already cleared occurred while the device was in a SDT window. This would make so much more sense and be actually useful if this column indicated that. I don't care if the device is currently IN a SDT state, I can tell that from looking at its icon in the tree b/c it has the clock icon overlay. 

What we need to know is when looking at a devices "Cleared" alerts from a historical perspective, alerts that got generated, the "In SDT" column should tell me was it during a SDT window. This would make so much more sense and actually be useful. 

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  • It would also be useful to have SDT periods showing on the timeline in graphs (as shaded areas).

  • This is something we've also brought up with LM a few times. It seems that LM doesn't track SDT state along with the alert itself. This also makes alert reports difficult to review since we can't filter out alerts that occurred during SDT for the same reason.

  • Yeah, this is a HUGE LACK of feature. This is common sense & needed. We should be able to see if the device/instance/etc was in SDT whenever the specific alert got triggered. For tshoot purposes is very helpful.
    Like @DanB said, we don't care about if it's on SDT at the time at all, that's silly LOL. We can see it right away on the GUI logo, no need to have a column on that.

    We've already brought this to our CSM as well, lets see if it gets to dev ears.