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10 months ago

BlueCat with categories Netsnmp and linux

We are a BlueCat shop and we’re now using LM to monitor our BlueCat VMs and appliances.

When the addCategory_BlueCat PropertySources script runs it applies the categories “BlueCatDNS”, “BlueCatDHCP”, and “BlueCatIPAM” as appropriate.  We have some difficulty with that exact process working correctly, but I’ll leave that for a different post.  These tags engage new DataSources that monitor BlueCat-specific stuff.  Great.  This is in addition to the standard stuff like CPU Cores, Ping, network interfaces, etc.

But I noticed that if I manually apply the tag “Netsnmp” it also provides CPU Overview, Disks, and Memory Usage.  As you may expect, these are very helpful in measuring the health of the system.

Furthermore, if you add the tag “linux” it will monitor the Filesystem.  Again, very helpful.

Can we engage LM developers to automatically add these two tags when a BlueCat device is being added to LM?  

We can tweak the system and add the “Netsnmp,linux” tags ourselves by adding an SNMP SysOID map...


...or we could tweak the addCategory_BlueCat ProperySource script.  I don’t know which way would be more elegant.  Either way, it would be nice for LM to perform the change on the back-end so that all LM customers can benefit.


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  • Ah, I understand you now.

    Yeah, using the sysoid map is better because it avoids forking your copy of the PS away from LM’s official copy. That’s why it’s better that way.

    As LM is happy to tell you with anything even not remotely related to this, just put in a feature request to have it built in. They’ll get to it at some point this decade (probably).

    It would be nice, but I can’t figure out how (yay new module toolbox) to publish your mapping into the exchange. It wouldn’t be as good as building it in out of the box, but it would at least get it out there for others to get.

  • You don’t need a LM developer to do that. You can do it with a sysoid map, it’s the easiest way.

  • @Stuart Weenig , exactly!  LM is very flexible.  I just put in the SysOID map 30 minutes ago.  

    I was simply asking:

    1. Is it better to use the relatively simple SysOID mapping system or the existing PropertySource script.  
    2. If we found this useful, I assume others will as well.  I was suggesting that LM build it into the back-end so that it pushes out to all LM customers, including us.