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3 years ago

Azure Site Recovery Monitoring - Requesting Feature for Real-Time Replication Monitoring Through Recovery Services Vaults / ASR Appliances and Configuration Servers


Can you guys please let me know if there is a way to monitor the actual replication status of machines that are supposed to be replicating in Azure through ASR Appliances and / or configuration servers?

Right now, there are limitations that are in place that only allow LogicMonitor to use "job based backup / replication status" and doesn't allow for "real time monitoring of actual replication status" without being launched by a job.

Is there functionality within LogicMonitor to be able to actually see the details listed in the forum entry below?

We currently have backup and replication job monitoring for Azure Site Recovery monitoring, however, we need to be able to see replication status on something that is not job based.  Can you please elaborate on when these features may be available?  I believe in a recent support case they were listed to be in development.  We've posted a feature entry in the forum link below asking for what we would want in the product, but the original forum post was based from October 2020 and have not seen anything from LM support since.


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