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2 years ago


As a CSM, I’m often told that they are tasked with automation - but when I dig deeper, often the company doesn’t know  - they just want to take things off the plate of their teams. 

Have you been tasked with automation? What kind are you looking for? If you have put automation in place, please let me know what it does and how successful it is for you. 

Thank you 

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  • Our main automation involves making a nice system of record (SoR) for how things should exist in LM. Then the automation bit takes the configuration specified in the SoR and makes it so in LM. So, if one of my CSMs needs to add a device into monitoring, they go to the SoR and add it there. The SoR has a nice form based front end that is customized to our business and speaks our language. The automation then takes that input and adds the necessary objects into LM. This can also be called Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Or if you want LogicMonitor as Code (ha!). Our SoR is built on SharePoint as a collection of lists. The automation uses Python and the LM SDK and custom APIv3 calls to accomplish everything.

    Our other automation sync’s objects in LM to our CMDB. This allows our tickets that come out of LM to be related to CIs in the CMDB.