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3 years ago

Audit logs that actually log what the changes are and to what object please

We desperately need audit logs that include:

  • The object name
  • The object ID 
  • What item(s) changed on that object
  • What the new values are
  • And if applicable, what the previous values were. 

Needed ASAP as currently there is no way to audit changes as the current audit logs are almost useless.

They contain entries like this "Update the datasource instances, disable monitoring of instances : [<instance names>] "

Great, now I need to go into each and every one of our thousands of devices and check to see which one had it's instances disabled incorrectly.

Also, changes anywhere to monitoring (enabling/disabling instances etc) should trigger a prompt to enter a reason for the change like threshold changes do!

LogicMonitor is great but there are so many inconsistencies in the way different parts of it work :(

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