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6 years ago

API - Device Data Aggregation

On the Get Device Data endpoint we'd like to be able to aggregate the data that comes back in some sort of time window. There is currently the ability to pass the period parameter in order to specify how far back you'd like to pull data from. But we would like to have two extra parameters. One to specify the type of aggregation(SUM, AVG, MIN) and another to specify the time window that we'd like that aggregation to roll up on(1min, 60min). So if we were to request data with a period of 2(hours), an aggregation of AVG, and roll_up_window of 1(min) then we'd expect to get back 120 rows, each representing the average of the values for each minute.

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  • Hi Sarah,

    We are actually a vendor, BrightGauge Software. Our customers use us to connect multiple datasources to one portal so they can build dashboards and reports. We have integrated with LogicMonitor but are having trouble with the amount of data that comes back from the Device Data endpoint. For our case it would make more sense to pull back data from a datasource over a week to see trending versus getting the last hour of very granular data. If we could pull back aggregates then we could pull back less data but greater value because they could see trends over longer periods of time. I hope that helps.


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    Thanks for posting! Can you provide more context around what your use case is for wanting the aggregated data? 

  • Hi

    Did this ever get implemented? The API docs show an aggregate param however when I am using it the values returned are not aggregated?