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29 days ago

Allow us to create separate default settings for Internal vs External Website checks


When viewing a website, there is a button on the top right called Website Defaults.  Clicking this button brings up a screen where I can enter the default settings I want my websites to use.  These settings are displayed in two tabs.  Website Checks and Internal Website Checks.

The screen looks as thought I can set defaults for External Checks and then set defaults for Internal checks separately.  However, this is not the case.  If I set the settings how I want for the External checks, and then I go set different settings for Internal checks, those settings overwrite the External check settings.  Even though the settings are shown in separate tabs, they use the same settings for both.

My specific use case is that I want External checks to create Critical alerts since it means our public sites are down.  I want internal checks to create Error alerts because it's just something inside the network having an issue but may not be affecting the public sites.  There is currently no way to do this which means I have to pick one set of default settings to use, and then set all the other sites manually.


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  • Have you submitted this via the product? I'm told the PM team reads the community posts, but I see little evidence that anything on the community turns into something in the system to even be evaluated. Gotta submit through the product.

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      I opened a ticket thinking it was a Bug.  Of course it's just Working As Designed.  Just poor design I guess.  The rep said he's send it through as a request.  I always then post here since there's no other way for other people to know what things have been submitted as feature enhancements.