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3 years ago

Alerts button count setting to reflect custom alert view set under alerts

Hi LogicMonitor

We are a MSP with where some customers have access to our portal, in the LogicMonitor portal we both have our own devices, devices at customer sites and so on.

In addition we have Device Groups which only the customers can see, but we can also see them as we are admins on the root folder of our portal, if the customer needs help with anything.
But we do not have responsibility for their alarms, therefore it's annoying that we can see their alarms on the "Alerts" button.

Ideally we'd like to see this counter reflected by whatever "view" that the particular admin has set for themselves under the alert page: https://<OUR-COMPANY>

In my case I've created a view called "OUR-COMPANY-Owned" that filter on our Device Groups and not the customers alerts.

Hope it makes sense :)/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20" />


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